Be sure to save this to your favourite Pinterest board. Thank you. Regular Sharpie ink can come off even after baking. It’s a great DIY craft for all ages. December 2013. We mentioned that adhesive and heat transfer vinyl are two common types of vinyl. Step By Step. While the dishwasher may be tempting, don’t use it. There are different types depending on the application. The vinyl brand I use is Avery which is also the vinyl used to wrap cars. Saved by Gail Croushore Hermann. September 7, 2019 at 12:06 am. Optional: put the mug in an oven-safe dish and bake at a low temperature (300 degrees) for 10-15 minutes. I paint wine glasses and put them in the oven to cure. 5.0 out of 5 stars 5. How many of you have seen those Sharpie painted DIY mugs all over Pinterest? For experienced crafters, you can go for epoxy. Thank you so much for sharing! The setting in between vinyl and iron on is “vinyl +”. It’s actually pretty easy. It couldn’t hurt baking them again, this could help with making the paint adhere better too. I’ve heard of cracking if you put them in a hot oven cold…. Pick a color to use on your mug. I also made a few mugs for a couple of colleagues and myself. The white mug with the Shakespeare quote was done in gold metallic. Here's a quick summary of how to put vinyl on mugs. Reply. From what I’ve researched, baking the mugs in a 300-degree oven for 15 minutes helps set the vinyl. I could, however, lower the temperature. Burnish/rub the design with a scraper. Have you ever used the curing method on the yeti coffee tumblers? Once you know what setting works best for you you can make a note of it in my Cricut Cutting Guide to remember. Thank you, Carla! I have read mixed reviews of using heat transfer vinyl. I would not personally recommend this on a pie plate as it is not food safe. Do You Need a Vinyl Cutter for Heat Press? FREE Shipping. . I’d love to see what you do with these designs – please tag me #wcoastmom in any photos that you take so that I can see. Cut out your design on the permanent adhesive vinyl using the Cricut. What made you think to bake the mug in the oven? how can I prevent this? The procedure is pretty much the same, but I have broken it down step by step here. Feel free to download for your own personal use – just right-click and select “save as”. Wondering if it would be safe to do. First, what type of vinyl do you use on a mug? (See more options below). Thank you. Image source: Pixabay. Please note that this post may contain some affiliate links for your convenience. It says here Epoxy is dishwasher safe. I’ve made a bunch of mugs and have not heard of the curing. I have made several mugs but never knew about the oven curing, thanks for that tip! I tend to use straight sided mugs for this very reason. Also is there a target size (height x width) that you try to keep designs? Hi. I needed to make more mugs! Very cute! Place the sheet and mug in the oven at 375 °F (191 °C). Ceramic Mug 2. As we have just mentioned above, the main idea behind sealing vinyl on your mug is to keep it in place and make your design last longer. […] The process is surprisingly simple. I actually started an experiment of putting some vinyl in the dishwasher – after testing it for a few months, I will write about my findings. When you use permanent vinyl on a mug can it be put in a microwave. Put the mug right-side up on a baking sheet. I’d also worry that because of having to hold the iron on a curved surface, it may cause the vinyl to shift. Luckily, you can make the vinyl strongly bond with your mug and last longer by sealing it in place. You’re so welcome! I always tell the people I The smaller the item, the harder it is to get it to stick to the transfer tape and the easier it is to just miss it completely! Or do you put the mugs in to heat up with the oven? Here’s some info on etching baking dishes: Hand wash the mug with dish soap. However after putting them in the dishwasher the epoxy starts to thin with each washing. Yes. I’ve never tried personalizing a yeti cup. Technically they’re not cold – they’re room temperature. There are just so many possibilities of projects when it comes to the Cricut! I have done the Swig, stainless steel stemless wine cups – but I simply put on the vinyl and then blasted it with a hairdryer and then let it sit for a couple days. Reply. From what I’ve researched, baking the mugs in a 300-degree oven for 15 minutes helps set the vinyl. Jul 20, 2020 - Explore Danielle Young's board "Vinyl Mugs", followed by 118 people on Pinterest. Hope this helps. For Oracal 651, I use the green mat (medium adhesive) and the vinyl + setting on the dial (the setting between vinyl and iron-on transfer). Here’s how you do it: Step 1: Prepare your mug using the directions above. I’ve made stainless steel water bottle designs with the Oracal 651 permanent vinyl. I have metallic permanent vinyl on my mug, does that have any more chance for fumes when put in the oven, or is that okay? Some gorgeous valentines craft ideas in the link up collection too! Greg says. I made my care label using the Print and Cut feature on the Cricut. The only part that is baked more than once is the labels of temperatures and times. Hi, there is essentially no such thing as dishwasher safe epoxy. Cricut Vinyl Cricut Craft Room Cricut Fonts Vinyl Decals Cricut Air 2 Cricut Stencils Cricut Ideas Cricut Tutorials Diy Tumblers. I have used epoxy on stainless steel tumblers. As a beginner using vinyl I want to thank you for this very, very easy tutorial and downloads. Peel the transfer tape up, lifting your vinyl away from the paper backing. I’m going to make some mugs today. No, the edges of the vinyl are still noticeable. 99. Carla from Kansas says. It cuts a little deeper than regular vinyl. For my teacher gifts, I filled them with tea or a Starbucks gift card. Starting out, I used free fonts from dafont as all my items were for personal use. EDITED TO ADD:  There is some debate on whether or not you should put vinyl in the oven. Previously, I put vinyl on some mason jar mugs that were used as party favours for my son’s birthday party. Great post, Greg. 1.3k. However, this is just a myth, and you shouldn’t fall for it. Another method would be to blast the mugs with a hairdryer – however, you can only do one at a time. Hi! After 2 hours, remove the mug and set it to cool. […]. At 300, I did not smell any fumes. February 13, 2018 at 7:06 pm. Needless to mention, you’ll be applying the design on the side of your mug. This further shows how important sealing the vinyl designs you apply on your mug is. I didn’t notice any difference in terms of fumes. If you are wondering how to decorate coffee mugs permanently, you should learn how to decorate coffee mugs with vinyl. You're in the right place! $13.99 $ 13. Hi friends! Keep in mind that the thicker the design, the easier it will be to transfer. You have successfully sealed the vinyl on your mug. One thing I’ve discovered doing is putting vinyl on mugs. You can stay simple and choose one color, or be more ambitious and use multiple. This will help ensure it doesn’t affect where you’ll be drinking from your mug. I’ve done both ways – starting in a cold oven and putting in a preheated oven. Now they are all set for using and gift-giving! When you first seal vinyl on a mug, make sure you have the time and space to focus on it. Hi! September 6, 2019 at 9:20 am. Epoxy can be heat resistant but not at the temperatures that dishwashers run, essentially you’re melting away your epoxy and tarnishing the seal by putting it in the dishwasher which is also not safe for you. 99. Some mugs are now 6 months old and they are holding up fine. The added heat makes the vinyl stick better. Lydia. This is simply a matter of personal preference. Hi any pointers on ensuring design is straight when placed since mugs are curved? As we have just mentioned above, the main idea behind sealing vinyl on your mug is to keep it in place and make your design last longer. There are several sealant options available. So that’s all you need – not a whole lot of supplies but enough to do all sorts of things. More Buying Choices $9.00 (3 new offers) Harry Potter Marauder's Map Heat Reveal Ceramic Coffee Mug - Map Image Activates with Heat. Are you using regular permanent vinyl? Use heat protection when removing the mug from the oven. I look very forward to making some mugs but hoping to find some 15-16 oz flat sided non tapered mugs to make it easier lol. Thanks for posting. Try to keep your designs on the thicker side – not only is it easier to weed, but it will have a better chance of staying on, despite repeated washings. Different Types of T-shirts Printing Methods, 10 Best Kitchen TV Reviews – 19inch Small TV, 10 Best Outdoor TV Antenna Preamplifier – Reviews 2021, 10 Best TV Headphones For Hearing Impaired – Reviews 2021, 5 Best Gas Grill Buying Tips [Buying Guide of 2020], Sealant (we’ll share with you the different types of sealants available). Do you use a lot of the Cricut fonts or fonts from somewhere else? Be sure to leave space in between letters if you use more than one sticker. The ORACAL 751 graphic was applied with RapidTac. You need two hands to properly apply the vinyl to your mug, but it’s going to want to roll to one side. I think adding vinyl to a mug for a custom gift is a great idea, but I struggle with putting it on straight…until now! I’ve always enjoyed graphic design and this lets me play around with fonts and design. I have included the designs for the mugs that I made. Applying the Vinyl to the Mugs. The vinyl letter technique produces a stylish mug regardless of your artistic skills! To do this, I simply wipe it down with rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball. Hi Jessica, this is one of the cutest vinyl Valentine mugs that I have seen, your font is just to light and adorable and I love the mix of red and black! After drying the mug, bake it in the oven for about thirty minutes at a temperature of 350°F. If you are concerned, you could turn on your exhaust fan and/or open a couple of windows to ensure proper air circulation. Make sure to do the front and the back since we are applying two decals per mug. Hi! FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. Perhaps you are looking for step by step directions on how to make a particular project. I wanted to make a comprehensive post that others, as well as myself, could always refer back to when making mugs. What epoxy are you referring to? Let the vinyl cure - leave it for 3 days. Moisture, too, can hinder the vinyl’ ability to stick to the mug. As for the horizontal length, I think you should be able to see the graphic without turning the mug, so not quite the diameter of the mug. Plus, every time you sliced the pie, it would scratch and end up tearing the vinyl. Now you can use the customized mug to sip your hot coffee or chocolate. Before unloading, check that it cut the vinyl and not the backing. There are other brands but you want to look for somethin… It’s a #schoolnight These #essentialoils help me, Remember a little over a week ago when I shared wi, Ever try #wetfelting ?Try this easy project to m, A wise friend has encouraged me to #focusontheposi,, How to Seal Vinyl on a Mug: The Ultimate Guide for Crafters, 20 Crafts To Make (And Sell!) Reply. LATER EDIT 2. Putting vinyl on mugs is not too hard at all. Many crafters have reported cases of the vinyl coming off their mugs. Hi. Use your scraper tool to rub over top of the transfer tape, pushing the tape against the vinyl. Then let it sit for 24 hours. It is the same concept, however. Want to remember how to put vinyl on mugs? is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Why should you seal vinyl on a mug? A customized mug can also make a perfect gift for someone close to you. You don’t want all your hard work and the cash you spent on the supplies to go to waste. I’m so glad you landed on our “How To Make A DIY Sharpie Mug That Won’t Wash Away!” post!We are going to make some awesome creations together today! As mentioned, if it is the first time, it is usually quite sticky, so simply using my fingers to press down works nicely. So, we’re going to grab a tape measure and we’re just going to measure our mug. Ensure everything lines up correctly, and the tape doesn’t go past your design. Same rules. How to Make Monogrammed Mugs With a Cricut Maker. I’ve only ever just baked in the oven and have had good success. I was hooked. To mark the mugs where the vinyl decal is going to go, use a dry erase marker and draw a line down the mugs in the rack. Peel the transfer tape up and the vinyl should come up with it! Yay! And yes it is quite possible the paint didn’t adhere properly initially because of excess oil on the mug. Yes – do make it easier on yourself and find some straight mugs. Hope this helps. And which one to use will depend on your budget as well as the level of durability you’re looking for. Smooth the vinyl on to the mug on the other side using the same method you used before. But it’s hard to get all the fluid out from under the vinyl on such a severely curved surface, so it took quite a while for the adhesive to bond. I need to make a few mugs and don’t have a press.

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