#6. Do I need the staff for anything else other than using it as another weapon that needs to be charged? I used the console to marry him. Elder Scrolls is a FANDOM Games Community. It's where your interests connect you with your people. This mod improves the enchantments of the Skull of Corruption to be worthy of an Archmage. Skull of Corruption < Erandur In my own opinion, Erandur is too cool a dude to pass up, he's by far one of my favourite followers so guess that means I'll never … - posted in Skyrim Mod Requests: So I stumbled upon the skull of corruption, a staff with an awesome skull&horns design on it yet the vanilla effects are so weak. Well, I've finished the quest, but I DID NOT kill Erandur, so I can use him as my follower. or other people that the daedric princes want dead. Do I get only the achievement or anything else too? I got the Deadric Influence achievement when I picked up the skull (I made a save right befoe Erandur starts his ritual). But then, I also always let Paarthanux and Cicero live. A standalone version maybe, either craftable or found in the world. Well even if Erandur can be a follower all he uses are weak destruction spells and novice healing spells so he's not my first choice, but I find the Skull of Corruption underpowered. ETA: Plus it's fun to take him with you on other Daedric quests if you have a sick sense of humour. After the battle, take the Skull of Corruption from the pedestal. Any way to get the Skull of Corruption after letting Erandur live? Enter the first big room and wait for Erandur to unlock the further passage (screen above). When I searched up on the internet that you could have 2 decisions: Killing Erandur and receive the Skull of Corruption OR don't kill him, I felt a big big bigggg failure. At a temple near Dawnstar there is an actor Erandur with an arguably cool voice and a quest. This is one of the few Daedric quests you can finish in a way that cuts that achievement off. Better Skull of Corruption? Are there going to be any more missions with Erandur if I let him live? Posted on December 25, 2016 by Wendy Schardein. You now have a choice: Vanilla - 20 points damage, increases to 50 if powered with dreams collected from sleeping people. In Daggerfall and Oblivion, the Skull of Corruption had the ability to clone people. Or is there any way to get the staff without killing Erandur? With … I need help!!! I used the skull for a while on a playthrough once, and while keeping it charged was somewhat interesting (and I do recommend playing with it once just for the interesting mechanics), I didn't find it particularly useful in combat. The only way for him to survive is to spare him during the quest. Also, is there any way to make sure that I haven't missed any artifact? I'm doing the quest 'walking nightmare' and I have gotten to the end of it where Erandur is destroying the skull of corruption, now.. Skull of Corruption was one of 3 skulls needed to open Catacombs dungeon from the Lich Ruins. Stand by the grates and watch the source of the nightmares - the Skull of Corruption. Now I've been collecting all the Daedric artifacts and just found out I missed out on this one. Erandur explains that the Skull has gained the ability to reach out to people without being wielded, and is stealing memories. Thanks, I wasn't sure what option to select but after reading this, I chose the skull. However, this gives up the chance to acquire one of the Daedric artifacts, which are … I guess Tom is the real demon. NOTE: This chapter follows the Waking Nightmare quest in Skyrim and contains spoilers. I think someone should make this awesome staff useful for the dark mages, necromancers etc so that it won't be just for display. The Elder Scrolls IV: Knights of the Nine. The number of dreams left contained in the staff, as noted in-game, may drop from 0 to -1. What should I do? I am in waking nightmare...literally...I have 2 orcs and a couple of mages woken up ( after I had to run back and get the gem after I missed it after I released the miasma...I am totally killed over and over, I cant get away and erandur is too. What can I do...Im stuck. Once you get close to the skull, you will encounter two of Erandur's old companions. Should I keep Erandur or the Skull of Corruption?

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skull of corruption without killing erandur