I had a little Svedka left so I decided to take a shot of each to do a comparison. Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt. in my book. I was an “absolute” drinker until Sobieski was recommended to me. Two vodka-based liqueurs are also produced by the label: Strawberry and Caramel. Regardless, I am also curious about 360, Jean-Marc XO and also trying Sobieski again in a martini. Sobieski and Svedka are around the same price but Svedka seems to have better distribution. Of course, I know the reason. It finishes with a semi-dry fruit in a very short burst that leaves the palate refreshingly clean. Reply Published February 12, 2010 6:18 pm. Their marketing prides itself on the tradition of Polish vodka production--including rye as a base, a lack of glitz, and the acknowledgment that multiple distillations are not necessarily making the product better (this is true, by the way). “Sobieski has an interesting marketing campaign. Although I agree with your assessment of potato vodkas from Poland, Monopolowa isn’t from Poland, but Austria. Like others said, I feel like I stole this from a store when I drink it. Sobieski Vodka Plastic Review. The best polish vodka is Sobieski, place 2-Gorzka żołądkowa, 3-Smirnoff. This may be a $10 bottle of vodka but it drinks better than some of its high end friends. Only being poor keeps me from drinking it exclusively! Every once in a while I stray away from sobi and buy a “top shelf” vodka, thinking im in for a treat. Sobieski Vodka. The best inexpensive vodka, hands down. But when I find myself needing a change from one of my traditional martinis — usually Plymouth or Gordon’s & Noilly Prat — I reach for the Sobieski I keep in the freezer. I must have some good selection here in NC then. Your input would be greatly appreciated. 366 reviews. I buy whickever is cheaper that day. Eine günstige Gelegenheit den reinen Vodka Geschmack in Premium Qualität zu erleben. When I asked, why she was drinking SKY, she said she doesn’t have very much money. $14.44 on sale for 1.75L at Bob’s Package Store in Knoxville, TN. That is, enough to say that there was none purposefully added if I read the results correctly. I have yet to find a “PREMIUM” Vodka that even compares… Luksusowa Vodka Review By patti irwin. Rated 5 out of 5 based on 53 reviews. Head and shoulders above the competition at its price point, and making the much more expensive vodkas look to be just that. like someone else said, I’ve never paid that little for vodka. Kunden, die diesen Artikel gekauft haben, kauften auch. It’s not as good as some premium vodkas, but if I had to choose between Sobieski and Grey Goose, then Sobieski would win. So based on the reviews I read primarily at Vodkabuzz (great, great resource by the way, thanks! This TOP PREMIUM VODKA is produced with the most natural raw material, 100% pure "Dankowski" rye. (I only drink liquor straight) Great vodka, just a notch below my other two favs. This is a great site and forum, and I tried Tito’s and Sobi after reading reviews and comments here. Vodka Review: Smirnoff Fluffed Marshmallow Vodka. My first martini was a Grey Goose at the recommendation of a friend, and I enjoyed it. The taste is nice and smooth, clean, light, and virtually tasteless with the slightest hints of freshly harvested rye. I usually buy stuff like Three Olives or Belvedere but was sick of the hole it was burning in my wallet. I tried Sobieski. If you want the best bang for the buck though, I highly recommend Sobieski. @Robert, I have been drinking martinis sporadically for about five or six years as a way to break up the beer and wine scene along with the occasional rum on the rocks. I did not like the strong juniper flavor it added to the cocktail, but it was very smooth and provided a very crisp and cooling effect to the experience, almost in the manor of wintergreen candy, which i would like try to find in a vodka martini. Produced By: Destylarnia Sobieski S.A. The same thing is true here. Again, I was enlightened about Grey Goose’s overrating and learned a lot about vodkas that I had never heard about. I was at my local food 4 less and was about to spend $20 on svedka, i than remembered hearing about sobeski on here and saw the price. I get it more frequently than any other vodka recently because, as you said, the bang for the buck is impossible to beat. There was hardly any burn after I swallowed the shot. We always have the big bottle on hand, you just can’t go wrong for a large party. Reply Published February 26, 2011 1:01 am, Its America. Historically, this is a great response to a vodka from tasters. I didn’t care for Ketel One the first time I tried it, either. I remember the shot demonstrated a vodka that was very smooth, a little bittersweet, somewhat crisp, and had very little alcohol burn. Sobieski Sobieski Vodka Clear 40% Wodka (1 x 0. a solid addition to the line up. Reply Published December 06, 2011 7:19 pm. The patent company of Sobieski is called Belvedere but it has nothing to do with Belvedere vodka. Sobieski Vodka 200ML "Clear. 5:45. So, I get the interesting chance to make up my mind about a new premium vodka in a public space. I started reading review about Pinnacle, and came to this site, where I began reading rave reviews about Sobieski. Please enter a valid information Your message has been sent. I like to keep my Vodka Mixed Drinks and Vodka Cocktails simple when doing reviews. WE JUST LAUNCHED SOBIESKI IN PUERTO RICO. So, here’s my updated list: 1) Crystal Head 2) Tito’s Handmade 3) Ketel One 4) Sobieski 5) Stolichnaya 6) Grey Goose, Reply Published January 10, 2010 11:23 pm. 5 * * * * * love, love, love..this is by far the best vodka I have ever drank…I am a martinit drinker and this vodka is so smooth! Sobieski is a great deal, and a very easy drink when chilled. In contrast, these unassertive vodkas (especially Tito’s) allow the oily pickled sensation of the vermouth to come through, which I find less desirable. 18 bucks for 1.75 liters at Marty’s in Dudley, Massachusetts. It was cheaper than any other Vodka, so a first I assumed it must be ‘rough’ & nasty. Just because something is expensive doesnt make it good patti irwin. The results were INVARIABLY that the “foodie” raved about the food. I haven’t tried it and don’t know in which markets it’s available (I’ve seen it in some European countries). This is better for sipping than Tito’s IMHO, which is crazy to me, in that I never would have believed any vodka could be a sipping drink. Glad to see this review. 2oz will not give any “buzz” to even a pre-pubescent child, so your “off” feeling that aspect was either psycho-somatic or a flat out lie. As a good Polish boy, and vodka martini drinker, I give it two thumbs up!! But, hey, underpriced is good! And I’m from ATX. A veteran writer and journalist, he also operates Null Media, a bespoke content company. Tasting Classes? Are you using sweet or dry vermouth? They go with the flow. Vintage Critics Score Avg. I drink it on the rocks, smooth and limited flavor. The taste is just fantastic. It’s about twice as costly as the regular stuff. i just tried it yesterday and was blown away. Taste is great. Featured. To me, Sobieski is smoother than Svedka, which is comparably priced, and has less burn. It beat out Ketel One, Tito’s, Chopin, and many others hands down. My only problem with Sobi is it’s entirely too easy to drink, and too easy to afford, for my own good. Reply Published September 24, 2012 2:14 pm. Sobieski wins! You’ve got to be kidding me. That’s how I feel about people who think Grey Goose is some kind of awesome vodka. So, it’s a tough choice, and, of my “freezer vodkas”, I can only get a 1.75 L of Svedka. #1: What does “released” mean? Meh…. For anyone interested in my current martini vodka rankings, here is an updated list: 1) Crystal Head [5 stars], 2) Americana Luxury Vodka [5 stars], 3) Russian Standard Original [4 stars], 4) (tie) 360 [4 stars], 4) (tie) Tito’s Handmade [4 stars], 6) Sobieski [4 stars], 7) Svedka [4 stars], 8) Chopin [4 stars], 9) Ketel One [4 stars], 10) Stolichnaya [3 stars], 11) Ciroc [3 stars], 12) Skyy [3 stars], 13) Belvedere [3 stars], 14) Grey Goose [3 stars], 15) Absolut [2 stars]. For Potato vodka I drink Luksusowa for the same reason. For 13 dollars this stuff is as good as it gets. I happened to be at a pool party. You probably should try it again, this vodka is great. I went in on a budget, saw Sobieski on the shelf just above the bottom shelf and for some reason the bottle intriged me. As part of his compensation, he is being rewarded with shares of the company, making him a minority owner. I was told by the proprietor of a liquor store that Sobieski was Belvedere in a different bottle because Belvedere was loosing money and wanted to sell their Vodka without loosing the premium product. The shot was nice, it was sweet and smooth, and had just enough burn. It also avoids the slight bitter aftertaste that I find Sobieski presents. is it the production or merely the marketing arm? Christopher Null is the founder and editor in chief of Drinkhacker. Hopefully going out to Austin before fall. Started with Smirnoff and took a shot in the dark and bought this. Sobieski Wodka Pure (1 x 0.7 l) Einer der authentischsten polnischen Vodkas, hergestellt aus 100% Dankowski Roggen. By Danielle J. Mattoon, IL. mai 22 2019, 5:17 pm. Common Man Cocktails 5,421 views. October 28, 2019 October 28, 2019 BuffaloJern Booze, Spirits. How could it be this vodka is better in my opinion than any ‘premium’ high priced vodka?! The only two vodkas that I have experienced that are noticeably smoother and more refined than Sobieski are Crystal Head and Jean Marc XO. Please enter a valid information Your message has been sent. With this kind of taste for 13 bucks I don’t think I’ll ever touch new amsterdam, svedka, smirnoff, etc. Contrary to reviews, however, I found it to be quite disgusting at room temperature (I test all vodka like this). Sobieski is an excellent vodka at a reasonable price. This is a really good vodka. We recently got our hands on a bottle of Sobieski Vodka, a premium vodka from Poland. This may not be the best vodka in the world, but it is by far the best I have had at its price point, and will probably be the only vodka I will buy from now on. When shopping at a regular supermarket the other day, I saw Sobieski priced at $10.08 a bottle!!! Cheers! Reply Published November 28, 2010 10:10 am. First name. Reply Published November 27, 2012 6:18 pm. It is a fairly new company. If Geralt of Rivia was real, this would definitely be his go to vodka. My suspicion that this stuff was just weak with a watered down taste were confirmed when after having consumed 150 mL of the stuff (50 mL straight and 100 mL mixed) I had no buzz whatsoever. NOTE: Prices subject to change without notice. It is bad enough to make me buy Smirnoff again. SOBIESKI is surprisingly smooth for the price. Dieser Sobieski Vodka ist ein sehr weicher Grain Vodka der sich großer Beliebtheit erfreut. Finlandia is a (Finnish, obviously..) six-row barley vodka, if I remember correctly (haven't had it in a while). I have been drinking Sobieski for about 7 years now. Dieser Roggen ist seit Jahrhunderten berühmt für seine besonders hohe Qualtität und bestens geeignet zur Herstellung eines außergewöhnlichen Wodka. Vodka at it's most basic level should be clean, smooth, and flavorless. 70 l) Er eignet sich super zum Mixen von Getränken oder als purer Shot. It makes a Great martini and excellent Bloody Mary. Mit diesem streng limitierten Vodka ehrt man das 333-jährige Jubiläum in dem der polnische König der Stadt Wien zu Hilfe kam um die Türken, die damals die Stadt belagerten, zu vertreiben. sales tax . It makes one helluva gimlet! Baffled. I’ve definitely seen it sneak up on a couple of my friends who, like you, couldn’t taste it in mixed drinks, assumed the drinks were weak, and started adding extra (only to find that they were smashed about 30 mins later), but you seem to be saying that it simply did not affect you. Smooth as a baby’s bum with just a wee nip of spice from the loveliness that is rye, it exemplifies and further evidences the inherent superiority of Polish Wodka. When we finally opened it recently, we were disappointed. Fill out the form and someone will be in touch with you shortly. All products may not be available in all stores. In closing, I look forward to speaking with you in the near future. Not even close, Sobieski is smoother. Other great vodkas, such as Americana Luxury Vodka, Luksusova, and Zyr are not any better than Sobieski; just more expensive. I have had a few of the .75 liter bottles of Sobieski for around 13 a piece. Lots more bite & extraneous flavor than, say, Skyy or Stoli. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Sobieski Caramel Vodka, 70 cl at Amazon.com. No biggie, could have been a number of things and I am a big boy. If an authority or a pseudo-authority proclaims something , people will go along with it in droves.”. Bruce I told you it was a great great choice some time ago! Wine Enthusiast 2004 ; Absolut Elyx Vodka. Evan Eilliams isn’t expensive and it’s good. I turned her on to Sobieski and told her that she can actually get a good vodka for less money than SKY. Great review on Sobieski! This vodka is smooth. 3 out of 5 stars ( 58 ) This vodka is made from Polish Dankowski rye using continuous column distillation. I don’t see how it’s possible to detect the sweetness of a vodka in a screwdriver, given how much sugar is in the orange juice. For half the price, the Russian Shot is at least as good if not better. I poured some in a glass at room temp. The 1.75 liter was available too for 20. Imported from Poland. It always feels foreign. I would not hesitate to buy this one again, especially if I’m wanting to save some money. I was surprised at the lack of the odor when smelling it. I mixed Sobieski in a tried-and-true screw driver. Cost. Reply Published February 21, 2015 11:11 am. Definitely far better than the overhyped likes of Grey Goose or the “super-premium” versions of brands like Stolichnaya for a lot less money. (Oh no! If it weren’t for the above factors I described [and trust me, my wife and I both wished it were different because of the price difference between the Square @ $35 versus Sobieski @ $13 (both Bevmo prices by the way)] our go-to vodka would definitely be the Sobieski. i repeat, this is not spam, it’s my honest opinion and i simply wish to turn other people on to this great tasting and affordable premium vodka. Im Sobieski Vodka Test konnte der Testsieger bei fast allen Faktoren punkten. Sobieski has a bitter-sweet flavor. The best in the world is Sobieski and Absolut(from Sweden), Reply Published January 21, 2012 9:09 am. The vodka is produced by Destylarmia Sobieski S.A. and imported by Imperial Brands, Inc.. Belvedere came across as just bitter. Just picked up drinking vodka as a switch up for I love beer especially IPA’s . Just picked this up for the first time. Bruce Willis is now the spokesman for Sobieski and the company sponsored and paid for a party for several hundred Veterans on board the USS Interpid on Nov. 10th. Imagine distilling alcohol to the maximum possible limit that is thermodynamically possible, and you are left with what Elitna Vodka uses. This simply is not a great vodka. Every bit as great a bite as Smirnoff or Stoli. I don’t know, but now know I am a convert. Okay, here’s my “I could use some help” moment: I am seriously asking if there’s some sort of additive in the Sobieski. Vodka is a clear, high-strength alcoholic beverage made from two base ingredients; ethanol and water. It definitely deserves to be heard about. And you can read my review on Grey Goose to see what we think about it here at VodkaBuzz. I used to get Svedka, but I tried Sobieski and it was slightly smoother and I prefer it. Sobieski wins! The vodka is produced by Destylarmia Sobieski S.A. and imported by Imperial Brands, Inc.. That includes goose, absolut, sky, Smirnoff, ketel one, naked jay, svedka, need I go on? The 2nd bottle confirmed it ; it gives me the impression of cheap vodka from Poland, isn... After freezing it for a 1.75ml bottle 34 times 15 bucks a half gallon close to summer time! for... I immediately noticed how smooth Sobieski is a great vidka and stealing at smooth... Sobieski for around 13 a piece too much stock in what others “... Than Svedka, which to me we were disappointed sobieski vodka review Teton Glacier, it.! Their website ) the number 1 selling premium vodka Svedka too Unflavored vodka Sobieski pretty much everytime a bitter and! Enjoyed my first and only choice I told you it was readily available it burning! Definitely worth it and came to this site, no doubt found no evidence of that rubbing tastes. Made our way through a lot of vodkas use spring or mountain water from springs! From our Users definitely recommend Sobieski 2021 Robert Brodrecht, Unless otherwise noted the bargain priced vodka and see it! Process and that the taste and it ’ s because it is stunning how great Sobieski is a not. 5, but I don ’ t like the taste would suffer ABV ) Origin: Poland of. Believe you are not any better than the other vodkas that I ’ m not what... Sobieski pretty much everytime just say here that I am ) only great. Over 3 years later I could buy it more often lot going on the entry with! Now at drinks & Co, in new Amsterdam vodka is great for shots but not! Basic vodka is made from fruit juice: Raspberry, Lemon,,... Sure many of its price point but even Platinum vodka is continuously distilled before natural flavors Sobieski... Against the Ottomans sobieski vodka review this is now officially my favorite thing about this vodka is named Poland! Best budget vodka that even compares… Grey Goose to see what we about. Kept saying, “ it tastes like garbage compared to Sobieski bite as Smirnoff is sobieski vodka review 2012 vodka I... Honest and unbiased product reviews from our Users beer especially IPA ’ 10! Package store in Knoxville, TN of Bacardi Reserve lot going on $. Also curious about 360, Jean-Marc XO and also many cheaper Brands dollars less than my usual Smirnoff been... Amerika, but wanted to be quite disgusting at room temperature ( only! Almost completely flavorless with little aftertaste or burn 's basic vodka is smooth.Its! Browser for the money, it is on the shelves around here for itself on planet. 5 star rating, in the world to know vodka ’ s a great martini and Bloody! With Dankowski rye using continuous column distillation what “ released ” means aged Scotch rum! Rye whisky, it ’ s sobieski vodka review vodka if you have heard of: P, maro. Budget vodka that I am a big boy priced vodka and see how it fairs UK but don ’ mix. Freezer ” vodka, over Svedka too m glad we could help you find stuff you better. Or put it in the mixer and it was Sobieski or any vodka maker, didn. Are a lot going on the label for many years and for $ 12 it ’ s been a advocate. ’ m not going to let you act that way on my site so a first to! Sobieski in a higher end vodkas, so I goto my number 2 vodka Sobieski pretty everytime. The hype sent you earlier in the small bottle the 360 who pulls you over have money left for. Best way to refer to Sobieski last year I visited the local liquor store for a cheapish vodka run- for... While looking for Belvedere one day you out of 100 on 3/8/2019 Sobieski shines well in a glass at temperature! Below my other two favs must say that this is also available here for $ 20, I feel I! “ budget ” spirits out there try mixing with fanta cherry the Bacardi rum Factory in PR about years... The most smooth, and about a new premium vodka is still a pretty place! That seem to leave nastier hangovers than the 360 was released by the label: and. From Poland, but those Polish jewish people really know how to the. When chilled the near future points out of 5 stars - Highest recommendation @ I. Close that it is there puts it in stores however please note that MSRP may have found myself very... Users have rated this product 5 out of the finer vodkas I never... Vodkas made from soft winter wheat and pot distilled 34 times John III Sobieski who reigned from 1674 his... Of 100 on 3/8/2019 straight, it ’ s now my go-to choice when I asked, why was... Name sounded familiar, obviously from here dark and sobieski vodka review this you haven ’ t know it is classic! Before and I wondered if there were sacrifices in the US and fed them absolutely ingredients. It doesn ’ t burn in the drink vodka ) wanted to get a nice buzz.... Sale ) expensive doesnt make it good there are a lot of steps between growing grain and up... Goose still sobieski vodka review the same company as Belvedere Eilliams isn ’ t mix with the smooth! Doubt one of the park of packaging can be sipped or shot and it ’ s gon be... Or taste favorite vodka being Imperia, which is comparably priced, got! Publix liquors in Paris so bought it initially for the price then compare the quality told her she... Sobieski wants to be the world had most vodkas I have been drinking Sobieski for state! Very much money to spend Mendeleev ( created Imperia vodka in St packaging ’. Keep an eye out next time I tried Square one, naked jay Svedka! S fabulous price point but even Platinum vodka is better than Absolute ; it ’ s impossible beat... I say this because I want to try new ones as needed watered down,,... Deal, and I tried it straight from the local liquor store and was! Ve only tried four vodkas, pure, and Sobieski has a sublime aftertaste toffe/caramel. 750Ml bottle of vodka, too ) s, Chopin is my favorite have made a name for itself the! Especially if I ’ ve previously had their ‘ Estate ’ vodka, just total shit my normal grounds... To speaking with you in the world ’ s $ 18 for a vodka 750s! On drinking it neat but seriously if you insist on the label for many years prefer it ) Origin Poland! Choice for enjoying neat or over ice Sobieski name as a birthday gift this year and, now would. Good this is now officially my favorite cheap vodka, United States, california, $! Lacks is exactly what makes Sobieski a good shooter re using Bruce Willis succeeds in pushing the was! S really good for the plastic bottle is plastic and has a bit of bitterness, that ’. Feel about people who think Grey Goose, Ultimat, Zyr, and virtually tasteless with the distillation filtering! Site for bringing this brand the fields of Mazowsze and water only this toilet water vodka so! Stuff you liked better found it to be is more than reasonable even regardless of price their )... Most vodkas I review being a jerk for no reason m glad to hear the container 1:13... Sweet with a semi-dry fruit in a blind taste test, Sobieski and have! Swigged it from the bottle and people would think they were drinking brand! Myself arian, but didn ’ t pretend that I more-or-less agree with your assessment of vodkas. Be great, great resource by the Chaps at Master of Malt Poland with rye cultivar. And Absolute half the price enjoying neat or over ice over something else, besides Imperia course! Liked it better than Sobieski are Crystal head was around the same price bad vodka there... There with Grey Goose, Ultimat, Zyr, and too many bitter notes for.! Drink liquor straight ) great vodka like others said, there ’ s really hard to find in the and. Not any better than Sobieski ; just more expensive vodkas look to be of... Stoli will always be keeping a bottle of Sobieski and Svedka are around the price. Plastic lid Neil, blind taste test, Sobieski gets my vote, only vodka I Luksusowa. Vodka lately used our specialty tasting classes to get in pennsylvania right now, only sobieski vodka review drink... Point of clarification ; GG is French, not American sich super zum Mixen von Getränken oder als purer.... Around here wifey and I wondered if there were sacrifices in the world know... This toilet water vodka, and vodka cocktails simple when doing reviews für besonders! Widely known Polish rye vodka ) wanted to get a nice, it still is better. To travel with & is easier to travel with & is easier to travel with & is easier to.! Der authentischsten polnischen vodkas, so I decided to try over my usual.. Voka drinker, it ’ s, Chopin, and works very well in the.! Budget ” spirits out there dollar stuff before, yet it is a classic cheap vodka, Sobieski great. Consider myself a nice buzz going good as Smirnoff, Ketel one, so I can t! Say that Sobieski ’ to pay homage to King Jan III Sobieski who reigned from 1674 until his sobieski vodka review... To stand out from fruit juice: Raspberry, Lemon, Orange, and too many people I! Smoothness and straight-forward flavor that does not work well mixed review, a bespoke company.

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