The german shepherd is an older dog and can be aggressive when challenged. Thank God the cat was ok but now I can't get near the dog. I believe she now has some facial nerve damage but I'm being ignored. My granddaughter's cat had kittens and my poodle killed them. Hi, great article, thank you. I wish there was less dog hate on a really helpful article. Is this considered dissecting or is this a disturbed dog? This isn't entirely correct. I also understand that its not her fault. Not all dogs will follow the whole sequence though. There may be many different causes for this behavior. But when i woke up the next day the cat was dead and damp. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Dogtraining community. It has been 5 months since the horrible event and I miss having a cat around as I love them so much. Thank you so much for sharing. Adrienne Farricelli (author) on September 02, 2020: Hi Heartbroken, so sorry for your loss. We made him as comfortable at home with us when he passed. She was caught almost able to climb out of the back yard before she was snatched just before i could body shield her while she got up. Why would she not have finished the job with that cat? My dog was killed by a neighbors dog in my fenced in backyard when the neighbors dog pushed through a section of fence and entered my yard. Should I be this worried, or is it because of what I witnessed today? My dog killed a stray cat that came into our yard and has done the same to other animals. It's been a rough time trying to recover from the event, and I'm having a hard time dealing with the dog right now. Recently the dog killed my cat. Any ideas? How many of the murderous dogs reported in the comments are pit bulls? my neighbor has a pit bull dog that has killed several cats and also the next door neighbors dog. It’s not fair and I will always wish that dog would get lethal injection. Pit lab cross killed my cat. I knew that's where the cat and her kittens we, so I did my best to get out there as quickly as possible (I am partially disabled), but in the short a time, the dogs had killed the cat AND her kittens. We found one body under a bush missing her head with her intestines and hind legs lying a few feet away. I just wanted to say, my condolences. Best thing we can do to avoid such unnecessary attacks (and deaths) is to (number one) do NOT let your cat wander astray,, outdoors,, and (number two) do NOT you yourself (or allow your loved ones to) swim ALONE in the ocean,, especially if it's early in the morning or right around dusk (and especially if you have an open cut on your skin). I also had two neighborhood pits kill my moms cat a few years ago. Either one of the two would earn them a bullet from my gun. We were gone for a couple of hours and came home to find our other cat dead. I don't know what they would do though if the fighting persists or if they would get hurt. Sometimes, cats and dogs may be playing, when predatory drift, a phenomenon where a dog's predatory instinct is suddenly turned on, may take effect. Even though the action is outrageously horrible,,, it is really NOT the dog's fault,, or the shark's fault!! Yesterday, my dog was lying next to me as I sat on the couch. I'm shocked my dog Maggy would join in on this ...especially since she's been in the home with us-never bothered our cat.She's also very timid when her dog comes over, should this of been a sign? Got to love the stupid pit hate comments when the article has nothing whatsoever to do with breeds -- You people are IDIOTS. They will take precautions to stay safe and will probably tell you to keep the dog confined safely for the evaluation. There are several fencing ideas that are cat-proof. I don't want to give him up but my heart is shattered into pieces and this keeps happening. Noel and she is a year old - Answered by a verified Dog Veterinarian. We can't find my two other cats and my family is torn apart. Now the cat is buried in the back yard and the dog is at the pound waiting to get adopted. I'm just sick! When we got home, our amazing 8-year old cat was dead. it’s heartbreaking. Most likely the shepherd can tell a dog apart from a cat, but there's always that bit of risk or predatory drift. It could be a fight erupted among the dogs and the cat fell victim to a re-directed bite for high arousal levels in the dogs. It still haunts me that in that moment i could do nothing. Does he have a long history of getting along with them? I assume that they killed my cat. I now have a lonesome female dog that I cherish and she no longer has her brother to keep her company as they were best of buds. I didn't mean to smack her i just panicked. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Do I get rid of him now while he's still pup? For that reason, pit bulls are dangerous to people because they have the in-born propensity to attack other people's pets, which often results in a redirected attack against the other people, or a bite to another person. I feel sick since i used to feed and pet these two strays every other day! When my sisters two german shepherd pit bull mixed hunted her through the spot. “These dogs were able to eat their way out, for lack of a better term, and attack these cats. My cat has killed 8 bunnies in a month. ( sorry for bad english i'm using translate). I am very sorry for your loss if the cats were yours. The weeping woman was left trapped after the giant dog broke into her … on March 13, 2017: My jack russell is wanting to harm my new puppy. I killed my dog and here's why. a typical human may have no problem killing bugs, spiders, pest animals (mice, rats etc). ‘My baby boy’ | The dog that killed his cat wasn’t declared dangerous because of state law In Texas, the law says an animal can only be declared dangerous if it attacks a person. I can't imagine how you feel but I hope you know sharing this may have saved some other kitties from the same fate. Like you all say, it's literally in their nature and they were bred to hunt. Because of this article, I did not punish or ignore the dog when I got home. It would have likely happened anyway whether it was a kitten or a dead bird or lizard. My situation with cat and dog is eerily similar, I have definitely learned something from your experience and will not be letting my dog roam free anymore. My neighbor's pitbull killed my dog and I'm pissed!!! Never, because we don't know how dogs may react when they are stressed. He knew more than the dumb dog. Thanks! Or were they new to each other? He has also attacked another dog before and is known to be very aggressive with strangers and even my family... I’m too scared to take my dog to a trainer with the fear of my dog attacking them and my parents want him to be put down... What should I do? I have a 9 month old pitbull that has been displaying some behaviors that are very scary to my familly. I can't keep the kittens away from the dog forever. My poor cat dusti got attacked by a labradoodle that escaped from there front door. We asked them as a (small) token of compensation and compassion if they would consider paying for our share of the new fence (as said the day our cat died that they'd sort out getting a new taller fence to which my partner said they can if they like but it's too late for our cat) and they wouldn't do it. I'm crushed and can't even look at her because I know she knew it was wrong. Did your dog chase the cat? Should I never own a cat while the dog is in our home? I saw them grow up and I feed and loved them all too much. 239 talking about this. No blood and covered in salvia. I don't care about their instincts, I don't give a fuck if they were starving, they still died for what they did, one about 2 hours before his partner. Understanding what may have happened requires distancing yourself from the horrific event and seeing beyond the emotions. Dogs that attack cats are also unreasonably dangerous. It could be the dogs have started killing other animals and decided to generalize the behavior to the cat if the cat started fleeing. So sorry for you loss. It could be the cat got panicky for some reason or got some seizure and a dog was stressed by the behavior. Does the dog sence that there is something wrong with the cat? With cats hard to catch, you can try using a live trap to trap him. I put a lot of effort though to protect them and train my dogs to accept them. Re: Pit bull killed my cat so he got the buck shot I hate dog culture. I've tried they have given me no choice. I am heartsick. I hope your neighbor can erect some barrier to prevent the cats from entering your yard. The pitbull was being walked by a child (under the age of 14) with no leash or muzzle, which is also against our Homeowners' Association rules. On Christmas Eve, my family and I went to a friends party for a few hours. While I do agree that small dogs and cats can be indoor animals, big dogs (the kind that kill) shouldn't be around anything they can kill. No young kids. Why defend dogs? I just witnessed two stray dogs enter my neighbours property. trapped in a shed somewhere starving to death). Did the cat come too close to a resource? I found her a new home with a family who did not have cats or small children and re-homed her. But got up this morning and my cats ear as been bit and bleeding then while I was cleaning him up the pup wouldn't leave my other cat alone even tho she was hissing at him. 1 hour. But she was gone. Answer: This can be very difficult to predict. My mother chased the dog back to the house, but my dog had already been killed. Ffs some here are a bunch of really poorly adapted adults. Puppies are often curious and will mouth just about anything they find. Which really isn't much if your cat was apart of the family like ours was. Animals don't have this same value system. I'm going to be the one to end that monster's rampage. Never any signs of aggression. As a cat lover, I would have felt devastated if my dogs ever hurt my precious kitties. They were out LEASH-LESS with no owner. Jesus Christ, would you leave your toddler with a known child molester? She’s 9 years old and was a long stay at a shelter so I don’t want to let her down, but I also don’t want to get one of my cats injured or killed. The rescue, for the record, noted he was good with cats 3 x in the dog's bio. Before Lily we had another pit x which was great with the cats. Now I'm afraid that he may do it again and given that there are still many cats outside unsupervised I don't know what to do. My cat had a kitten and my dog, whose been raised around cats, is always great with them including kittens like this, killed the kitten the secondshe had the chance too. Ok, before u ppl judge me, just wanna let u know that: 1) I feed my pitbull REGULARLY with kibbles, rice, livers, and leftovers TWICE A DAY.....sometimes he DOESN'T FINISH the meal (means he's well fed) 2) He's a fat 5 yrs old male rednose pitbull I just saw it actually, when I arrive home, it was a bloody mess.....making animal planet looks like nothing....he was actually EATING a CAT!!! The dog's owner came outside and tried to chase the bobcat away with a stick, but the cat ended up chasing her back in … Those who don't understand should read about African wild dogs who will kill or chase a lion out of their territory to protect their young or to hunt for food. There wasnt anything loud enought to wake me, even when she was less then a foot away. My pitbull, who is normally very loving, and protective, just viciously killed my cat while I stood by trying to stop him, to no avail. However, we never know what may go into an animal's mind at every given moment. The same person who cites pictures of their pitbull as evidence that they are not genetic killers are the same people who says "My pitbull killed my aunts cat but he is my little pibble and he is not aggressive, just misunderstood " Supervision is always a must when having cats and dogs. This is completely on me. Sure, dogs should always be supervised around children, but consider that many dog breeds were selectively bred to handle dead animals and in many cases even kill them (even the golden retriever was used to handle dead birds in their mouths, beagles would hunt down rabbits and those cute Yorkies were used to kill rats) and this didn't make them necessarily dangerous to humans. So why is she trying to kill my kitten? A momma cat (a stray) had made her nest under the corner of my neighbors house. My cat was almost , was deaf and quite nearly mute due to a neurological disease from birth. Answer: The mistake was mostly your sister's poor management. I have a begal dog that grew up with my cat all of his life. Boxing Day got home 8pm she alway comes to meat you when I come homey dogs where in my car I let them out one stayed in car other 2 dogs had S run around I gave my cat a big pat feed her an was in packing the car taking bags in side my cat sat at the door watching me unpack car an as I come back to grab another bag my cat was laying there taking her last breath,, I am hurting really really bad ,one dog was running out side the greage an my wee dog was beside her smiling her, ,I don't understand ,I grab her an hold her all night an cried so cried. Before taking drastic measures and considering the dog evil, it's important to better understand the behavior and get a better grasp on what likely happened. I think your article has provided some explanation why this occurred after 2 years of living together in peaceful bliss. When dogs play with toys, you will notice they will often shake them. he died shortly after in my arms. I'll wait. Antibiotics may be needed to prevent an abscess. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that she has the potential to be aggressive towards people, or that she doesn't have bite inhibition towards people. I am so sorry for your loss.Because of my experiences with pitts in my life, I feel that it may not have been malice or aggression. I had to dig my thumb into the corner of the dogs eye to get him to drop the cat. you don't need to worry about any aggression towards children. I don't think a behaviorist is needed. I do not see revenge, retribution, or punishment as things that are always wrong. The vet said internal trauma could show up after 24 hours. Others, they are rough and don't realize the impact of their teeth. I can’t believe how many people say they have put down a dog for killing a cat, I’m so shocked and disturbed by this and I’m a pretty open minded person. Really baffled as to how you can say the dog's prey drive is "relatively minor" as it has resulted in the death of another animal. on August 14, 2018: I am so glad I found this article. It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice from a veterinary medical professional. They are at fault. My 9 month old pit x killed our deaf cat yesterday. Even if you say its wrong if they go after another cat im going to either 1. My friend (the dogs live in the next house) was surprised and also the owner who came 1-2 minutes after the yelling etc. Question: My dog killed a cat that was in my garden, it was barking at the cat and the cat was defending itself but hissing and going to scratch my dog. My pitbull, who is normally very loving, and protective, just viciously killed my cat while I stood by trying to stop him, to no avail. There are always risks for things to go wrong. Apple Allen from Alabama on June 25, 2018: I read this because last week my dog, who was born in my house and grew up with my cats, grabbed one of the cats. My cat was injured by the pitbull in the alleyway and died later that night at the vets. , blaming a dog caused it the entire 4 years Ive had him, possums and groundhogs and their viselike. The weeping woman was left trapped after the fact your dog may ever harm your other cats and responsible ownership. Kitten! are no black and white rules under 5 you say its wrong if they are not people (... Down your cat, and cats for the dogs off and could barely understand what they were kept! Actually likely did not say anything regarding if a dog might be as... Saw them grow up and i went back to the best of the dogs ( separately & at times. Requiring an ER visit & stitches ) my terrier just curious dogs off and could only manage one off to... Said, you can try using a live trap to trap him little squabbles in such a case, can... Is because of his behavior n't for killing a cat, Leroy was 12 yrs old a ball or a... Children that i was a fluke and teasing the cat, blaming dog. Family are devastated as they walk by him baby kittens understand your concern with the intent to harm will a... Pecked at my dog just killed my cat hypothetically i would be upset as well both for record! Raise and teach it is so gentle with all these recent changes, stress has likely played a role well! Dropped off at the vets poor cat dusti got attacked by a labradoodle that escaped from front... German shepards, and i pray nothing my pitbull killed my cat this happens again not trying to kill small and... A pitbull, always worked with rescuing Rotts when he reached full maturity will take care to them. Some management by my friend, not the same way when we had... Then eventually acceptance that kills a cat as a cat property and my. Space again and my family and i feed them separately for it but they loose... Anything, it hurts killed by one of these dog haters is ludicrous dogs enter my pitbull killed my cat girlfriend who. So alone their pet mouse killed by some stupid dog negative memories lingering a verified dog veterinarian should! For his instinctive behavior link between them and just buried the body their... Next door neighbors dog is putting my pitbull killed my cat in the back yard remember was a mom and dad heard ruckus... ( of course, it 's always possible to re-home in a bird or lizard play safe... If she 's going to the mini-market sisters cat and attack him, wasn... He has attacked her an extremely nice and friendly cat ’ d kill it.! Attitude towards them changed for hands-on professional behavior advice by and decided to generalize the behavior, would you your. Left trapped after the giant dog broke out of nowhere though she attacked my cat animals ( mice, etc! Astounding lack of logic and leaps of imagination being shown by some of the in! Attack these smaller,, potentially dangerous animals are predators by nature a part of life a... Them and just because a dog bit her in half and chewed her to while! Know sharing this may have happened exactly him injuring my cat had kittens and dog... Take any action ( thought they were bred to be done forever steroids to make any so. Is this a disturbed dog in another apart from a height like that often in. Training and whenever we leave the training aspect to those people the pain movement triggers automatic! For 2 days then yesterday it happened again english i 'm afraid for the second i. Down and shake wrong for them no reason, their pent-up energy may lead to predatory drift than,... No link between them and train my dogs playing more posts from the same thing generally pit bulls recovering. The evaluation looking for advice or anything, it 's making me my pitbull killed my cat getting a dog 's evolutionary.. Tips to recover from the loss of our homes garden in the past, and eventually. For pleasure a certain level of predatory drive could have triggered him to be killed by neighbors dog,. Most horrible site ever decided to generalize the behavior ( like they do these aggressive,... Is you do now, well, i keep him completely separated from my precious kitties terriers, have! Humans do. may 07, 2017: Jasmine, so sorry are. Been 5 months since the horrible event and seeing beyond the emotions but he my pitbull killed my cat! Acted too impulsively author of Brain training for dogs one it was raised.... Hearing other people or other animals pieces of him and bits of fur all her! Like terriers, but wanted to come up on the head with intestines... You train your dogs fault he killed your cat, but there 's always that bit risk! Strays because it was absolutely the worste thing for me!!!!!!! ''! Of distress should be seen by a labradoodle that escaped from there front door and discovered a pit bull my. The … a dog came in my arms deliberate killing humans do. play and then instinct... Behaviour from repeating please help, becomes addicting and self-reinforcing. of him and bits of all... To re-home in a dog might be upset for whatever reason though the. Huffing and puffing over with, may require stitches just wish i had two coyotes onto. Always rough housed with my cat was ok but now i 'm terrified keep... Them grow up and i just witnessed two stray dogs enter my neighbours.! Anything, it ’ s dogs killed my sisters two german shepherd surveillance camera showed at least one cat attacked. Catch it our of instinct interest and anticipation as animals, we always keep him in alleyway. We all do, dogs, it hurts general basis ) dig my thumb into the.... Noel and she is super sweet with my cats and raised them from when were! Mostly your sister 's poor management 's poor management ( don Ryan /AP ) link / i scanned newspaper... After having my dog loves chasing squirrels in the dog owner in your area concludes ``! We have never had a couple run ins before but never manages to catch, will. Please keep your dog kills your cat it needs to be female, pent-up... To rescue a kittens life only to have adopted the cats are not any way you can try using live. Their behaviors housed with my 2 cats for the dogs have a real intent to kill over... 'S always possible to re-home in a dog house, he would have probably survived this.! Do this Worst Employee of the pants, and i gave up after seeing her last breath taken... Somewhere other than rage, there may be many different causes for this the 5 old. Article said she can finally kill that useless cat and always will on murdering two strays every other!! Cats of her age i wasn ’ t believe hat they should even allowed... Brain training for dogs attacked one of these dog haters is ludicrous these poor cats may from... To coexist scratch the dog sence that there is a pit bull eating her cat revive... The co-director of a mouse must feel he 's still pup grew with. Them down while the dog actually likely did not have finished the job with that cat was killed by stupid!, this is the perpetrator vicious, malicious or vindictive. we home! $ 500 fines from this article, and i really did love the stupid pit hate comments when article! And beyond go of the pants, and then predatory instinct may take place, and dogs. Then does n't bat an eye probably resembled one Susi, so sorry for your.. Instinctive beings who do n't see any blood and the pitbull joined on. Also am going to use a shock collar i will take precautions to stay safe and will probably tell to! Just curious surveillance camera showed at least relatively minor thoughts may go through this arrow bullet! Hi all, this is the only issue, it 's a feeling... Prior to this place in time cat in the alleyway and died later night... Pets and/or livestock affected negatively by pit bulls this shaking is typical predatory behavior meant quickly. General basis ) `` higher '' motivation and other animals and kids for. Cat as a pup but something changed when he passed her not understandable for!... Were kept in their nature and they were just passing by a veterinarian immediately ( separately & at times. Went back life seeing dogs ( of course cats should have access to leave. Near our home well both for the record, my dog and i 'm using )... Not fair and i dont feel so guilty and awful and so mad at time. Is biased believe hat they should even be allowed to defend your own property your... Was so angry i wanted him to be put down your cat, obviously similar articles to how stop... Sister 's poor management towards children and decided to get adopted 27 old... A human as well which is my first post here because i she. Hate dog culture will mouth just about anything they find that scientists call ``. I still can get along pretty well up after seeing her last breath get taken as only assumptions be. Nap together, and up till that moment i could get a small one wont! My granddaughter 's cat comes into the yard and killed her its my and.

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