This is one of those products with very positive customer feedback. This product is designed to work on all floor surfaces including hardwood floors, laminated flooring, vinyl as well as ceramic tiles. Up to 20 times stronger than other drain openers, it is one of the strongest products on the market. If your kitchen sink isn't draining properly, you … However, it doesn’t work on plastics, paper, or particles of food. It also has a pipe guard chemical that is synthesized in its formula to protect your entire plumbing system from any future clogs. Different cleaners have different purposes and work best in specific areas. Reasonably priced, so light on your pocket. Instant Power’s product works great on all types of pipes, including PVC, and is safe for your septic tank. Safe for all pipes and septic systems. Then moisten a small section of the floor and clean it off with a smooth cloth or cleansing pad, then move on to the next section. For slightly clogged drains with slow running water, 16 oz is sufficient, whereas for super clogged drains with stagnant water, double the amount to 32 oz for quick results. Read on.. Common causes of clogging in bathrooms are usually hair, soap bits, and other organic material. approved for its environment-friendly design. For this reason, it is also ideal for toilet drain cleaning. Here’s looking at the main reasons: Now that you know what causes a clogged drain, it is also important to keep in mind the things to avoid to keep your drains unclogged. Instant Power® disposal and drain cleaner will digest, break up and remove years of clinging, drain clogging deposits. Blog post for this product: Affiliate link for this product at Walmart: Creates a protective sheen for long lasting cleanliness. Quick in action – it works in 15 minutes, Special thick bleach formula that removes clogs instantly. We recommend that Hair & Grease be allowed to stay in the drain overnight. The way to use the product depends on what purpose you plan to use it for: For Sinks and Tubs – You need to pour 1/8th to 1/4th of the liquid slowly in the drain and allow it to remain for 30 minutes. You will, however, need to leave it overnight for it to be effective in your sink. Heavy duty action that dissolves hair clogs instantly, clearing your drain completely. This formula is so powerful, that it doesn’t matter how long the build-up has been in your drains, it will eliminate all and leave them free-flowing. Drain blockages can be a stinky affair. Clearly, from the above list, there are quite a few brands to be that. Before applying the cleaner, it is recommended that you sweep or vacuum the floor to get rid of the top layer of dust and dirt. If you’re looking for a safer option for your household needs, it would be wiser to opt for an anti-corrosive safe, non-acidic cleaner. Best for tough drains – removes all kinds of tough clogs, gunk, and scum to clear your drains. For your garbage disposal, you will need to buy a strong drain cleaner that will ensure the clog is completely dissolved and eliminated from your kitchen. I am currently working as the chief editor of Comes with an exciting money back guarantee if you don’t get desired results. I was introduced to it several years ago and it has worked well every time. The Liquid Plumr clog remover by Clorox solutions is on our list due to its ease of use and its rave reviews by the customers. There is a barrier that is repellent, which will ensure that the system is well protected. Also, wouldn’t it be great if such a liquid is also eco-friendly? Also, with most brands have proven to be effective enough, as most of their users testify, you can also keep an eye on the discounts that are offered on a product before making a decision. For best results use weekly or as needed. It will also ensure to solve your slow drain problem and eliminate a year's worth of build up in your plumbing system that is probably causing it to be slow and clogged. As an Amazon Associate, I may earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you. It is an enzyme formulation made to digest and break up drain clogging material and eliminate odors. Wherever there’s a problematic drain, you would love to treat it with the Drano Max Clog Remover. These accumulate to slow down and constrict the flow in … Hair and Grease … Dissolves hair clogs from bathroom drains Our Instant Power Hair & Grease® Drain Opener is the solution for the most common drain stoppages. Wait for at least an hour and flush it with hot water. This saves a lot of time and avoids additional cost. Most of the products out there work fast, so do your due some proper research in order to find that which will work within a few minutes. There are some bottles that contain 800z, 320z, and 2180z of the chemical, and they come in packages of either 2,3 or 4, together with some handy wipes. You do not want to have such a complicated chemical that even mixing it scares you. It can also be used in a kitchen sink and in a garbage disposal, although it could be too strong for these uses. Xion Lab gel drain opener is most effective on kitchen sink drains, central sewer lines, as well as all bathroom and toilet, drains including bathtubs, sinks, toilets, and shower drains. Every couple of weeks, you’ll come across a clogged kitchen sink or a clogged bathtub. After use, also ensure to dispose of the container in the proper way. is reader-supported. The next step involves flushing out your drain with hot water. It’s tough action formula completely clears up your drains without leaving behind any kind of odor. It, in fact, ranks as one of the top five products in the market, and its manufacturers have adhered to a strict code of conduct in its manufacture and the green energy guidelines. Second on our list is Green Gobbler’s new creation, called the Dissolve Liquid Hair and grease clog remover. So these liquid drain cleaners sink to the clogs through the standing water and dissolve it. The Instant Power Hair and Grease Drain Opener is the solution for the most common drain stoppages. The longer this product is allowed to remain in the drain, the more effective it will dissolve the blockages. It is very easy to use, and here are its main features: It is odorless: this is a great point and it means that you will not end up with a strong chemical smell after you clean your drain. Also, with most brands have proven to be effective enough, as most of their users testify, you can also keep an eye on the discounts that are offered on a product before making a decision. We recommend you to first identify what is the purpose that you seek to use the clog remover liquid for, and then using it. Longer exposure than directed can damage the pipes. Or while washing your face over the wash basin, the water goes down very slowly, and hence continues to collect until the tap is nearly submerged? Find something simple that probably requires the addition of water to make it active or none at all. Green Gobbler offers a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. septic tanks, kitchen pipes, and disposal systems. It also liquefies oil and other dirt thus allowing for free passage and cleaning up your drains. Dissolves hair clogs from bathroom drains and creates heat to melt grease from kitchen sinks. Shaw Floors R2X Hard Surfaces Flooring Cleaner Anti-corrosion formula that makes it safe to work on metal pipes, garbage disposal systems, and septic tanks. is reader-supported. Bottom line: If you read reviews and find that a product works, then chances are that you are good to go. This innovative product is the new intensive drain opener on the market. As you see, different drain uncloggers are good for different purposes, and as such, it would be difficult to pinpoint one best toilet unclogger liquid from among the choices mentioned above. You will then need to finish the job by rinsing out the contents with some hot water, and your disposal will be as good as new. From kitchens to bathrooms to common household areas, Lysol All Purpose Cleaner helps achieve fresh, healthy surfaces. Everyone who used it had lots of positive things to share about it. Fast acting on even the toughest of clogs. “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”, We don't own any credit of product images. This comes equipped with a thick bleach formula that attacks even the toughest clogs to drain them quickly and efficiently. It is also advised that you clear the standing water before adding in this drain opener. Copyright 2020 by Amarco Plumbing. Liquid-Plumr Heavy-Duty Clog Remover Clogs happen but with Drano®, you and your drain are unstoppable. Chemicals are usually heavier than water. Drano 00117-2PK Max Clog Remover Easy-to-use and can be used at weekly intervals to ensure smooth flow and clean drains. Its usage is 2-4 cups of the product into the drain. 5.0 out of 5 stars Worked well in my drains! It is the singular most awful thing that we look to get rid of. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. all products right from basement sewer pumps to sinks to toilets. Best for Sink: Invade Bio Drain Gel. This will save you time, and enable you not to miss some important steps. Whether you are faced with tough clogs in toilets, tubs, and sinks, or have to get rid of liquefying oils, sludge, fats, and grease, this product will ensure that nothing will remain un-cleaned. Also if the drain cleaner doesn’t work, don’t try to open your sink or pipes, contact a plumber. If you mix it with hot water, it turns into wax and this wax can melt and damage your pipes. Grease can cause clogging of kitchen sinks. It can get entangled around a sink stopper or get collected or stuck in a drain pipe, thus causing clogging. In a pack of two 32 oz bottles, you would certainly be buying a good deal should you go for this product. This powerful sodium hydroxide formula from Instant Power creates heat to melt and dissolve grease, hair, soap, scum and other drain-clogging material. One thing I must mention is that you should never mix it with hot water. is a participant in the Services LLC Associates Program & other affiliate Programs. You also need to make sure that you are not using these harmful products in the septic tank. It is extremely safe and finds use in households, schools, restaurants, offices and other public places. Anti-corrosive properties ensure safety and preserve the septic tanks, kitchen pipes, and disposal systems. The usage includes 2 cups of the liquid for regular clogs and 4 cups of the liquid for tough clogs. This special formula uses a unique anti-soiling compound combined with ionic and anionic surfactants which get off the toughest stains from the floor. Touted to be the strongest non-acid formation in the market, it dissolves hair and grease from clogged drains and clears up your drainage and sewer system within minutes. It is biodegradable, non-flammable, and safe around children. Also, wouldn’t it be great if such a liquid is also eco-friendly? Rapid dissolve technology makes it versatile. While the product uses a high-density formula, which sticks to the pipe walls, it works by altering the pH level to easily break down and dissolve tough clogs due to grease, oil, paper, soap scum, hair, or any other organic matter. The beauty of this product is the high-density chemical formulation, which allows it to reach exactly where it must – the clogs in the pipes or drainage systems, even through standing water. Regular use prevents future drain clogs by eliminating build-up in drain. This is the strongest nonacid formulation on the market. While you shouldn’t be too scared about using a chemical drain cleaner, be careful while using it to ensure you do not suffer from improper exposure. eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'amarcoplumbing_com-box-3','ezslot_1',123,'0','0']));It can easily be jammed with objects that will bind up the impeller blades inside of the appliance, the drain fittings can also loosen up and cause a leak beneath the sink or the drain pipe connecting the garbage disposal to the rest of the sink could also become clogged and backed up. This drain opener quickly dissolves grease and hair and clears up your drainage system in minutes. Green Gobbler Ultimate Main Drain Opener This product … This is an enzymatic cleaner, which is the right solution for a clogged toilet as well as sinks and shower drains. The usage depends on the intensity of the clogging. Doesn’t require any kind of rinsing post use. It comes in 64-ounce bottles that ensures you have enough for using every month. Bottom line: I highly recommend this product. More importantly, the chemicals used in the product are much safer than sodium hydroxide or bleach, and thus, the environmentalist in you would be satisfied with having caused minimal damage to the ecology, if at all. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to We recommend you to first identify what is the purpose that you seek to use the clog remover liquid for, and then using it. This means that you have to wait for the water to slowly drain before you can use this. Can be used monthly for best results, without the fear of corrosion of pipes. Such uncloggers dissolve the accumulated dirt in the pipes with a chemical assault. Zep 10-Minute Hair Clog Remover is a specially formulated product designed to dissolve hair on contact and melt away grease in minutes to unclog your plumbing. It works on almost all types of clogs such as hair, soap scum, paper products, and even grease. Let it work for 30 minutes, and then flush it out with hot water. If the clog is further down the drain pipe, more Heavy Duty Drain Opener will be needed to reach the clog. You shall not have any incidents of the pipes getting destroyed or getting corroded as a result of using the drain cleaner, and if the customer's reports are anything to go by, this is a product that works each and every time. You can also use it in your bathtubs, toilets and septic tanks. A thick formulation designed to stick to the clogs until they dissolve, Reaches clogs even through standing water, Totally safe on PVC and metal pipes, septic systems, and garbage disposals, Easily dissolves hair, grease, soap scum, oils, and paper products, Perfect for use on toilets, sinks, pipes, tubs, and other main drain lines, Manufactured on a proprietary non-corrosive chemical formula that does not harm septic systems, A high density of the chemicals enable the product to cling on to pipes to dissolve clogs. Pour 1/2 cup of baking soda into the drain, followed by 1/2 cup of white vinegar. Jan 9, 2015 - Melt grease from clogged kitchen sinks and drains instantly by using this Hair and Grease Drain Opener from Instant Power. 1 container contains 1 liter of the drain cleaner, and so you can get some very good use out of it. Find a product that is easy to use: Ease of use is a requirement for almost everyone. This product can be used on sinks, showers, tubs and is garbage disposal safe. Touted to be the strongest non-acid formation in the market, it dissolves hair and grease from clogged drains and clears up your drainage and sewer system within minutes. We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this page. In case the clogs are really tough, you will need repeat treatment. Its fast acting technology unclogs a drain within 15 minutes and cleans your drainage system. The 8 Best Duravit Toilet Reviews of 2021 – Smart Selections By Expert! Some acidic, some enzymatic; some in powder form while others in liquid or gel form. Style: 1 Gallon Commercial Verified Purchase. Buy on Amazon. Hi, this is Alida Wolk. This is a product that will work very well on pipes made of; metal, plastic, garbage disposal pipes, septic systems and PVC pipes. In addition, it will clear away any bad odors in the sink. Find a product that can work quick: When your garbage disposal is out, it means that you cannot do much in your kitchen sink and it can be quite frustrating. Reviewed in the United States on November 27, 2020. it needn’t be mixed with any other chemical. Can be stored for long periods. Its fast action ensures that you have unclogged drains within 15 minutes. Just had to tell you.” Sincerely,-Helen E. “Instant Power Hair Clog Remover clears all hair clogged drains from years of build-up. Instant Power will continue to dissolve hair, grease and other deposits as long as it is in the drain. The Green Gobbler instant power drain cleaner is specially designed for Main Drain Lines. So why do drains get clogged? OVERVIEW Instant Power Heavy Duty Drain Opener 2 Liter is the most effective non-acid liquid drain opener on the market! It is created from a non-acidic formula and once you buy it, it is ready for use. In case you have any left over, and because it is made of 100% pure lye, it is perfect for soap making. The Green Gobbler Ultimate Main Drain Opener is an extremely strong industrial strength mail-line drain opener. Instant Power Professional's line of products will keep your drains and pipes clog free, combat grease, work as a preventative cleaner, and clean up stains. How many times have you been in the shower and the water would just keep accumulating into a mini-pool, as its exit is clogged? An affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to If you have children in the house, you can safely use this cleaner. If I actually had a garbage disposal it's probably a fine product. Removes toughest stains from all kinds of waxed and polished surfaces. This thick fast acting formula goes straight to the clog and is safe for all pipes and septic systems. Here are a few things you should be looking for in the drain cleaner so it can do the job perfectly: Find a drain cleaner that is safe for your sink: when buying a drain cleaner, you will need to do extensive research, in order to find a product that shall not irritate your pipes and probably cost you more in repairs. While it is difficult to completely avoid clogging, certain measures and practices can certainly help in keeping the drains open for longer periods of time.

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