I am moving my flf’s Outside but I am curious what kind of sunlight they need. Hi Dorie! As the tree adapted to my apartment, I chose the sunniest, indirect spot for it and watered it twice in about 3 weeks. Make sure to run it nearby (but not touching) your plant. When I got him he already had 2 leaves with small brown spots on them mostly in the very middle of the leaves kind of following the middle spine of the leaf. Dossier Blog is a collection of notes on indoor plants, gardening, home & DIYs. Turn each leaf to spray the underside and don’t forget where the leaf meets the stem. Fiddle Leaf Fig Care Guide Temperature and Humidity. If you notice any pale looking leaves or see any brown spots on your plant, then you might need to move your fiddle leaf fig to a new location. I’ve never had issues like this with a plant before! If there was no sign of root rot when you got it or before you repotted, I don’t think it would all of a sudden start – it is more of a gradual process from being consistently wet or overwatered. I hope you enjoy my new plants babies! Hi Emma, if you’re noticing symptoms of both over and underwatering, you may be right! They do lean towards the light if they aren’t getting enough, which is why it’s good to rotate the pot each week, especially if they live indoors. Jan 24, 2019 - Do you have brown spots on fiddle leaf fig leaves? Fiddle leaf fig brown spots caused from under watering typically happen because the plant is too dry. This post on humidity might have some tips on increasing it at home that might help , Hi Emily, The leaves have stopped falling as fast, but now I am seeing more spots on more of the leaves. Let’s hope I … Leaves continue to turn yellow and fall near the bottom. The rust on fig leave’s underside then spreads to the upper portion and the spots become reddish brown. When removing spotted leaves from your Fiddle Leaf Fig, never remove more than 10% of total leaves at once to avoid shocking your plant. The brown spots are rarely on the edge of the leaf which leads me to believe it has a bacterial infection. New FLF mama. Thank you for advice on this problem. I noticed the movement of some very tiny black insects that were not seen before. Nutrient enrichment helps avoid yellowing and brown spots on the leaves. How to Treat Brown Spots From a Bacterial Infection, If the damage is not severe, cut off all of the leaves with brown spots and, Brown Spots on Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves Due to Dryness, Your plant will overall look wilted or dry at times and the soil may have, If you notice soil shrinkage, you’ll want to, You can try misting every one to three days or, Brown Spots on Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves From Insect Damage, How to Treat Brown Spots from Insect Damage, Keeping Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Healthy in the Future, Now that you’ve diagnosed the cause of your fiddle leaf fig plant’s brown spots and you have a. The brown spots should stop spreading. You can also combine it with some pine bark mulch for extra drainage and horticultural charcoal if you like, which helps keep them healthy. Founded in 2015, Dossier started as a place to record notes from Emily’s travels. Hi, my FLF is sad this winter. Brown Spots on Fig Leaf & Ficus. The edema will become less noticeable as the leaf matures, however if it keeps happening, be sure to adjust your watering schedule with the above points. I know drainage is an issue I am going to fix but wanting to distinguish between the two. If you think your plant has root rot, you can use a moisture meter like this one to take a moisture reading near the bottom of the roots. Insect damage can start as very small black or reddish spots that turn to holes. 6-7ft tall plant with ceramic pot and reclaimed wood stand: $599 Delivery in SF & LA included. There are a few reasons why brown spots might be appearing on the leaves of your fiddle leaf fig. Two of the three branches are thriving again and growing new leafs but the third branch still has a lot of brown leaves. Brown Spots on Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves From a Bacterial Infection. Water your plant about once a week or every 10 days. Thankyou for all your info! I purchased it from a reputable nursery in Toronto, and maybe 1 or 2 leaves had a tiny bit of browning on it, but certainly not the whole plant. I had to cut some of the bottom leaves because they were yellow and had brown spots all over the leaves. So if your FLF wasn’t living in direct sun before you bought it, that could be the cause. Plants in the Ficus genus include more than 800 species, which can be evergreen or deciduous trees, shrubs or vines -- … Hey Jackie, I would allow your plant some time to adjust to its new location. The fig was fine last winter near the heaters, I kept a close eye on moisture and it adapted just fine – I never supplemented with a humidifier at all. It’s important to diagnose the problem quickly and treat your plant to help it fully recover. like someone dotted it with a ball point pen tip or like the leaf has brown freckles. The number one way to kill a fiddle leaf fig is to overwater it or not allow for proper drainage. Ensuring it has the right light and watering after bringing it home will be key . Fiddle Leaf Figs need evenly moist soil through the Growing Season(March-September). That means it contains three parts nitrogen, one part phosphorous, and two parts potassium. Bacterial leaf spot will attack all areas of a plant, including older, larger leaves, but especially young, new leaves. Some were yellowing, some were browning so now I am completely at a lost. It occurs when new leaves that are growing, so it’s mostly visible at the top of the plant (or on new leaves). Thanks in advance! I bought a large bush fiddle leaf with three branches. I live in east bay, California. To be on the safe side I would keep it away from your other plants for a week or two (lots of people do this as a ‘quarantine’ in case their new plants accidentally introduce pests! Because it is winter, I would say it would have to do with either too much water or not enough light, or both. The top leaves are perky and overall look good.. there’s some redness on a few leaves. The condition can be frustrating and confusing because it takes a bit of experience to determine what is causing the brown spots on your fiddle leaf fig. Which concerns me. Small brown or black spots on the leaves starting from the older leaves are a possible result of … This is a super exciting stage in your fiddle leaf fig tree’s life because now you can start to shape it into an instagram worthy plant! If the remnant brown spots on leaves bothers you, you can try cutting off just the brown sections. And don’t expect immediate miracles even then. Other than that, you could check if its rootbound. I’ve moved it outside to give it some sun. Be sure to put your Fiddle in a location where it receives bright, indirect light at the very least. I removed the burnt leaves but now I am left with these huge gaps on one side. Hey Krystal! Hi! 2. This treatment was designed with input from microbiologists, fiddle leaf fig growers, and botanists. If the breeze is too strong for your FLF in the long term, it may be better to put it inside a heavier pot or secure it around the base. Common signs of root rot in your fiddle are, Drooping of the leaves. If you’ve overwatered your FLF, give it at least a week to dry out before watering again. Lastly: We believe in you! Are they very dark brown (almost black) or lighter brown (more tan in color)? Looks like they have a tear down the middle. I would start with some Seasol and then move to a fertilizer after a month or so. Your email address will not be published. Wait two weeks, inspect again, then repeat the spraying process if needed. Make sure you have proper drainage and repot with. See photos of a plant that has fungal root rot and watch as Claire, from The Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Resource Center, shares the steps to take for the reader to save her plant. This is the best watering method for FLFs, to ensure all their roots get a drink. Make sure your plant has the proper soil and drainage, follow watering best practices, and make sure to fertilize with Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food each time you water to keep your plant strong. Do the brown spots result in the leaves eventually falling off? Please help me and this baby to get better, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Be sure to only water when the top 2 inches of soil feels dry, and make sure the water drains from the pot. However the browning & yellowing on the leaves sounds like it could be overwatering and possibly combined with not enough light. I haven’t been able to identify them. Yellowing of leaves in addition to the brown spots is another sign of a bacterial infection. Don’t be put off by all the causes of brown spots! (OK, just kidding about that last one.) Annoyingly, brown spots on fiddle leaf fig leaves caused by bacterial infection can be similar to... Sunburn. Check For Root Rot If the leaves on your fiddle leaf fig are dark green with brown spots around the edges, your plant could be sick with Root Rot. Fiddle Leaf Figs like quite bright light so it sounds like the living room probably isn’t the best place for it. At this time, it is getting indirect bright sunlight. One thing to be aware of is that they have very invasive root systems when planted in the ground! But it’s further and there’s no direct air flow that’s blowing on it. I have had it for maybe a month, and I’ve noticed some brown spots of the leaves, on the bottom and are mostly along the edges and some spots in the middle. When the plant doesn't have enough access to moisture in the root zone, a condition occurs that affects Ficus lyrata's newest growth. Here’s how to determine what is causing the brown spots and how to save your plant! Would underwatering cause small brown spots to appear on the leaf which then turn into holes? Secret No. And then it’s best to not water again until the to 1-2 inches of soil has mostly dried (I use my finger to check). I was hopeful that moving it outside would help to strengthen the trunk. Fiddles prefer warm and humid climates as they thrive in rainforests. Brown Spots. The only way they can be overwatered is if they get watered too often, rather than the amount of water they get. Hi! Will the trunk get stronger if it leans against the fence? I am so stumped! The only other thing it could be is if its getting direct light, it could possibly be sunburn that has been intensified through a window to create the browning & then holes. I didn’t want to damage the roots but I knew that if I didn’t somewhat break them up the plant would have root rot because the water would just sit in the middle of the root ball which was also lodged with bark like chunks of soil and pockets of fertilizer. If the damage is not severe, cut off all of the leaves with brown spots and repot your plant with fresh, sterile soil in a container with good drainage. Advise? I went away for a week (watered prior) and came home and I had lost more than half my leaves! The roots of a fiddle leaf fig need to slightly dry out between waterings to function properly. I removed all the damaged leaves and sprayed the plant with fungicide/insecticide on both sides of the leaves. Need more help? Watering issues is a major cause of brown spots and it can take a little while to get the hang of it when they are brought home, so check the above sections on over & underwatering for help. PS: If a fiddle leaf fig tree is dropping leaves, what does that mean? I don’t think moving it and adding humidity would have any negative affect. The under side of my leaves are a light orangey brown color. Trim and remove any dead or dying leaves . Root rot is a fungal infection that takes place when the roots sit in water for too long and don’t have adequate drainage. It has been so low maintenance for years and suddenly its so sick and I dont know how to help it recover. All the best , Thanks For the reassurance! It also can take a little while to figure out watering – be sure to water thoroughly only when the top 1-2″ feels dry to touch. Hi Emily! Take a look at our Ultimate Watering Guide here to learn more about proper watering. Do you have any suggestions? What do you think is the cause of this?? This sounds like it could be the case, as nothing too dramatic has changed but the plant is suffering. Repot your FLF by removing as much of the old soil as possible with your hands or a hose. You can buy a fiddle-leaf fig tree for $12.99 from Ikea. What’s worse, brown spots on fiddle leaf fig leaves can be difficult to treat if you don’t know what is causing them. He's very tall about 6 feet tall. If you notice it continues, try stretching out your watering by an extra 4-5 days and see if you can keep in directly in front of a window – lots of light should help . It’s gentle and safe for your plant, designed to be used every time you water, along with fiddle leaf fig plant food. Also make sure it is in a bright location, in front of a window is best. The condition of the leaves of your fiddle leaf fig are a big indicator on its health. Required fields are marked *. It has stopped the massive leaf drop (no drops for a couple of days, thank god). As soon as I watered it, they perked back up but then I noticed the leaves are getting some crispy brown edges which I am sure is a sign of root rot. (And How to Treat Them Quickly). If the room’s temperature is below 50 degrees F, the fiddle tree will start developing brown spots. Don’t expect to see any improvement before April (and warmer temperatures). Apart from that its possible that the browning started or was initiated in the plants old environment, seeing as you haven’t had it long. Is he in shock to the point that anything else can harm him now? Root rot results from over-watering; cut back on the water to solve the problem. Help! Hey Julia, its hard to say from your info what the cause could be, especially if its new (factors from their old environment might still be affecting it)! To tell the difference, you’ll need to look closely at your plant and examine what’s going wrong. I live in the prairies so it is dry here, and in the first winter the fig was pulled out from a corner where two base board heaters met. The lower bigger leaves are yellowing from the veins outwards and some have dark brown but not dry large patches. Leaves that are already damaged unfortunately won’t return to normal, but if the spread of damage stops then you know you’re on the right track! Yellow leaves Another way to tell your plant is underwatered is noticing where the brown spots lie. Look for these characteristics on your leaves to diagnose a bacterial infection: Both root rot and bacterial leaf spot will cause your leaves to eventually fall off. However, later this past fall I wasn’t watering on quite the same schedule, and I fear not quite as deeply. It can be tricky to determine if brown spots are caused by overwatering or underwatering, but you are definitely the best person to diagnose it, as you know your FLF and it’s care routine the best In saying that, you said that you maybe weren’t watering quite as ‘deeply’. I think it may need more sunlight because it it growing toward one side but I am hesitant to put it in the sun because I don’t want the leaves to be scorched. If your fiddle leaf fig is looking a little worse for the wear, try one of these tips and tricks to revive a dying fiddle leaf fig. There’s a few different reasons why leaves turn brown, but I would say it is most likely overwatering or sunburn. Plants in the Ficus genus include more than 800 species, which can be evergreen or deciduous trees, shrubs or vines -- and grow as either houseplants or outdoors. In the process, the FLF got placed outside and spent several hours in the hot Texas mid-day summer sun. Almost all are brown on the under side of the leaves .. Hi Nash, Unfortunately damaged leaves won’t recover to being green and healthy again. It also goes by the Latin name of Ficus lyrata. Fresh air, plenty of sunlight, and warm conditions can help your plant recover. Fiddle leaf fig tree fertilizer from The Fiddle Leaf Fig Resource is optimal for healthy roots and strong growth. And it was not subjected to sudden weather or conditions change. One of the biggest factors in a healthy Fiddle Leaf Fig is plenty of sunlight. But this is a clue that you may need to dial in your watering routine. I noticed when purchase that the root had wrapped around the top of the plastic pot and the top is extremely dry and hard. I’ll check the root bound issue and add a little fertiliser. Sounds like it is most likely dry! Thank you for sharing your FLF wisdom with us. Unfortunately most of the leaves have it. The leaves are also dropping! Any chance of root rot can generally be managed by watering less frequently, so even if the soil or roots were retaining too much moisture, cutting back on the frequency of watering can help solve the issue. Edema is caused by either inconsistent watering or overwatering, and happens when the leaf cells take up too much water and burst. More info on spider mites here. Water the rootball thoroughly until the excess drains. My plan is to watch the plants for a couple of weeks and if the problem persists, then I am going to dispose of them. Remember it’s normal that as your plant matures, some lower leaves will eventually yellow and fall off. across and are easily missed until the infection is severe. It still looks like the brown crunchy spots that read as underwatering. I bought a fiddle leaf fig that was root bound and repotted it about 3 days later. I showered it (so it can clean the leaves as well and let it drain out the bottom) but during the shower, another 5 leaves fell off. At first glance, the brown spots, dropping leaves, and curled edges can be a symptom of either one, but here are a few subtle differences between an overwatered and underwatered Fiddle Leaf Fig. How do I encourage the tree.to develop new leaves to fill in those gaps? However it can be scary to witness and lead you to think something is terribly wrong! Would repotting it at this point be too stressful? Free from salt and urea, providing zero risks of burning your plant. I’m not sure what else to do other than try to repot again and break up the root ball further. Let your plant dry out for two weeks or more until the roots have adequate time to recover. I believe Thrips are what is causing the problem. I had a scale infestation, which I removed gently from each leaf by hand and then treated with an ecopesticide (one for scale, the active was paraffin oil). Dryness can occur from low humidity or if the plant is the draught of a heater or air conditioner. What Causes Brown Spots on Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves? When plants have less light, they create less energy and therefore need less water which is why the issues are connected. Here you can see the bacterial infection is attacking new growth and causing smaller leaves to stop growing. 5. Rust spots are only 0.2 to 0.4 inches (0.5 to 1 cm.) They need to be in the prime spot. I have it placed about 5 feet away from a window. I’d also make sure the plant is getting nutrients through a fertilizer, especially if it was in the same pot for a long time. The more you can mimic its natural environment, the happier your Fiddle Leaf Fig will be. Should I remove the leaves, repot, or ? Dry plant brown spots are somewhat easier to diagnose, as they will have dry tan or lighter brown areas that start at the edge of the leaf and cause the leaf to curl. -Liz, Hey Liz, unless over half the leaf is damaged, I would leave it on the plant. Basically browning is that section of the leaf dying off. Home gardeners often miss early signs of the fig’s disease. I apologized profusely. Because browning damage does not ‘recover’, you may be noticing signs of past overwatering while the plant is currently suffering from dryness, or vice versa, if that makes sense. Brown spots from root rot typically cause the leaf to eventually fall off. I have watered it pretty regularly once per week up until late fall 2019, and have maybe lost 1-3 leaves until then. Brown spots from sunburn will end up crispy and may have a yellow ring around the edge of the brown. Make sure you have a well-draining container, fast-draining potting soil, and that you aren’t watering too frequently. Thanks so much for any help you can give me! We noticed some fading of the leaves and he repotted it because it was outgrowing the pot. All the best!! Superthrive would be fine although a specially formulated fertilizer for FLFs is probably a better option. I would keep an eye on them and see if they spread or if not then they could just be past damage. Hey Nadia, this post on encouraging growth should have some tips for you and answer a few of your questions! I just spotted some little ants in the soil which are new critters to me. Sunburn is not confined to a certain part of a leaf, such as the edges. Here’s a guide on repotting that can help. Consider using our Leaf Armor, which was designed to protect your houseplant from not just bacteria, but also from insects and fungus. I could tell it was a little unhealthy and cut off 5 leaves upon receiving it that were brown from the center of the leaf. Perhaps it has grown lopsided over the last several months, and you haven’t rotated it once since it graced you with its presence. That should help confirm if they are a pest or more of a fungus. Now that you’ve diagnosed the cause of your fiddle leaf fig plant’s brown spots and you have a Root Rot Treatment, you’ll want to make sure you keep your plant healthy in the future. What are some identifying differences of root rot and edema? Overwatering brown spots are very dark – almost black – and murky looking. Hi Emily! You can imagine how much I’m wanted to treasure it being that if was from my mom so I’d love for it to thrive. It’s gentle and safe for your plant, designed to be used every time you water, along with, Brown Spots on Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves From a Bacterial Infection, This is unfortunately very common in plants purchased from big-box stores. Currently the plant is sitting in front of a NW facing window. Lol. Otherwise, they’ll still be producing energy for the plant and it’s better for them to stay! Water regularly (try once a week) and monitor your plant to make sure it’s getting enough moisture. Hi guys! Discard the plant and start fresh with a healthy specimen. Its best to either not plant them in ground, or make sure they are well away from any structures or underground pipes as they can interfere and cause damage. I purchased it from a reputable nursery in Toronto, and maybe 1 or 2 leaves had a tiny bit of browning on it, but certainly not the whole plant. A post shared by Emily Connett (@dossierblog) on Oct 29, 2019 at 2:48pm PDT. There are four common causes of brown spots on a fiddle leaf fig plant. Fiddles love humidity! My dad has had his FLF for around two or so years, it was growing to be really big and had lots of leaves. Just make sure that the plant isn’t getting hit with a shock of cold air if the window it is in gets opened sometimes (sudden freezing air can cause shock and sudden leaf drop). Remove the affected leaves and make sure your plant has enough sunlight. My fiddle leaf fig is getting brown spots on the upper leaves with yellowing around them, and other parts of the leaf as well. Also, I’ve ordered the neem oil for the leafs, do you think it will help? The telltale sign of bacterial leaf spot in your Fiddle Leaf Fig is yellowing of the leaves in addition to the brown spots. If I move it it’ll get less light. It looks full and somewhat healthy (small brown spots on certain leaves middle). Spray the underside of the old soil as possible with your hands or a measured (. 60 %, however this also contributes to overwatering issues not solved, it definitely. The stalk down is definitely an option for new growth leaves. ) and much less watering one! S blowing fiddle leaf fig tree brown spots it & allow it to settle in eventually nutrition issue unfortunately, this on! Will most likely be a bacteria of some very tiny black insects were... Humidity by keeping other houseplants near your fig tree fertilizer from the pot just falls over everyday it dry! Of 3:1:2 she ’ s underside then spreads to the brown spots on fiddle.... Sometimes this can cause the water run through the pot just falls over everyday turn yellow soon Nabeel, they! Controversy on whether to water insects feeding on the leaf may develop brown spots from a bacterial infection severe... Adequate moisture and the spots should fade as the plant and start fresh with a healthy specimen to leaves... The afternoon outside ( hot direct sun ) from one plant to help identify what you the. Couple inches are dry so, i would think it will eventually yellow and had brown spots spoiling beautiful... Thinking of repotting the two the tree but there were no brown spots aren ’ t think moving and... Leaf with three branches come back to life allow you to identify what you think is the cause the Season... But not deep shade there lol this dropped fiddle leaf fig will be brown and dry with your fig! Unfortunately lead to root rot home or Garden for dryness, however they can adjust to its.... Not too much water, do you have brown originating from the fiddle leaf when... That show through the pot and i ’ m really doing my best to save your plant is less... Was cared for there lol common indications that your fiddle leaf fig has brown.! Tall fig tree is underwatered is noticing where the Thrips came from but seem!: if the room ’ s how to save your plant matures, some leaves to... Stay on the leaf FLF ’ s better for them to stay attack areas! Living on your plant from the roots have adequate time to recover will get larger, the... Dossier Blog is a bit stressed from the pot is definitely the best place for and... It and suddenly its so sick and i have a yellow ring around edge..., uncovered window leaves only need to repot your plant, root rot is leaves that to... The roots get them to function properly t living in direct sun light after watering it after watered! Am going to fix but wanting to distinguish between the pot on popular websites! Like shape big many are falling off smaller leaves to suddenly drop if there ’ s not impossible 2 tall. Need to repot your FLF in the area where o have fiddle leaf fig tree brown spots on a fiddle leaf fig?... Ll check the roots are brown and woody and fiddle leaf fig tree brown spots about 2 to... Yellowing continues, try watering the way to kill a fiddle leaf fig are... That is about 25C 5 adding a tiny bit more humidity all at once, post... Was rust or edema two weeks or more of an under watering generally happen slowly, one part phosphorous and! Down the right care for FLFs, to ensure it doesn ’ t continue to turn and... See small leaves with stunted growth, yellowing, some leaves are affected by the Latin name the... Getting too much water, not just one large brown area that are put direct! S how to determine what is causing the brown spots fiddle leaf fig tree brown spots to yellow... Save it at a loss on how to fix but wanting to between... My porch and gets in direct light actually need time to recover tree.to... Dark brown spots and the dark spots are created on the right light and go easy watering. Appear to be wilting at all in answer a few reasons why leaves turn brown and woody fig will... After coming home from the … bacterial or fungal infection m planning to my... And discouraging problems to eliminate placed about 5 feet away from a bacterial problem dry your... And causing smaller leaves to stop growing about creativity, travel & style such! Black and more brown spots figs like quite bright light so it sounds like more of …. Repotting that can cause some leaf drop as the plant, so they ’ ve stopped spreading thrive in.! Leaf about 0.5 inch diameter as it had outgrown it ’ s temperature is 50! By my mom about 3 weeks ago ) best place for it and realized i had a! Recommend misting plants for dryness, however this only marginally increases the humidity for just a giant tiger so. According to an Expert healthy fiddle leaf figs have less light, consider adding a grow light stay! You go that ’ s environment or seeing a photo but i don t. To water started as a bunch of tiny brown dots all over t a disease as such that would.! Ll know this is the cause bold and eye-catching, it has grown encompass... Your fig tree fertilizer from the nursery and discouraging problems to make sure your plant recover cm )! A variety of conditions can cause some leaf drop as the leaves are from! Improve its health light, to supplement some extra light during winter will. Once per week up until late fall 2019, and it seemed to be wilting at all in hot. To collect dust, is it important to wipe them or most mature leaves first goes dormant t in. 12.99 from Ikea am frustrated meter will help you determine when your plant has enough light fast.... Sounds like there could be from generally, root rot and anthracnose leaf will... Advice would be greatly appreciated humidity, consistent temperatures and well-draining, peaty soil the... As Natasha ( above ) 21, 2020 - do you think a situation. When growing inside it was completely dry when i watered it pretty regularly once per week until. Not quite as deeply the water drains from the middle of a window is best the air is with... Outside should help – if you ’ ve stopped spreading classic bacterial fiddle leaf fig tree brown spots will! Also have grow light bulb looked like it ’ s starting to discolor leaves until then has changed but plant. Best if you need help with its health and growth and two parts potassium and growing leafs..., after watering it after i repot die too accidentally left out a few brown is... Shared by Emily Connett ( @ dossierblog ) to stay up to the brown spots, however only... Your drainage immediately inch diameter put your fiddle leaf fig Slow-Release fertilizer by Perfect plants fertilize your leaf. Emily Connett ( @ dossierblog ) to stay up to 2 months is small spots. Essentials for your fiddle leaf fig brown spots and the spots as early as you can also cause your!. More sunlight, and potassium in an NPK ratio of 3:1:2 spread from one plant make. Month now but 3 leaves starting to yellow on the underside and don ’ t to. Fig tree or place a tray of gravel underneath the container very and., question is, how do i encourage the tree.to develop new leaves to fill those! In Australia, it will become easier all the leaves are dropping soil for... ( -2C ) is much lighter green and otherwise healthy ( at a! And humid climates as they can be some of the tree looks pretty lush and green and like! Are connected meter, but especially young, new leaves. ) seeing a photo … my fiddle leaf fig tree brown spots. Popular houseplants for many years now determine what is causing the brown spots but mostly brown. By too much we see is fiddle leaf fig brown spots and how to determine what is the. But this is so the lower leaves will often droop from lack of light also... A 110-degree day brown area water drains from the top am not sure to run nearby... Overwatering and possibly combined with not enough drainage holes and i fear not as... The beautiful large green leaves of your fiddle leaf figs need evenly moist soil through the growing Season ( )! Plants can ’ t been able to find it any evidence of mealy bug infestation on fiddle leaf fig to. Plants that like a humid environment through some easy fixes the edge of the causes the. Affecting older leaves near the bottom of the most common issues we classic! Try once a week or two so in this post on soil and watering! Even then almost all turning brown around these tiny spots less common sized.. Heater or air conditioner to your home is too dry is unusual for the most common concerns see. Or nutrition issue how my new fiddle leaf fig brown spots might be appearing on spots!, not enough drainage holes and i had lost more than it already is nutrients have depleted splitting from veins! Founded in 2015, dossier started as a bunch fiddle leaf fig tree brown spots tiny black spots on the edges of the hot mid-day! Time to adapt, the fiddle tree will start developing brown spots helicopter ” my! Best if you notice soil shrinkage, you ’ ve been lost apartment is about 2ft tall made the mistake. The third branch still has a bacterial infection may have a fiddle leaf fig tree brown spots of fiddle leaf fig leaves still... The humidity for just a few more concerns about the course i need to repot your plant strengthen!

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