Therefore, it is necessary to understand the social and conceptual basis for what is widely termed "animal rights." Animal welfare is defined as the ___human_ _responsibility_ that covers all aspects of an animals well being. Use of animals carries with it an ethical responsibility ... World Animal Protection PowerPoint Presentation … File uploaded by Matt Chaliff on Jun 21, 2014. View in normal mode. Animal Welfare and Animal Rights. Attachments. Animal Rights Welfare.ppt … Animal welfare supporters hold the view that animals … ... Kant argues that animals cannot have rights because humans cannot owe them direct duties, only indirect duties. Animal rights vs animal welfare. View Animal Rights and Welfare.ppt from ANSC 250 at University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign. Animal Rights v. Animal Welfare . As such, animals should not be used by humans for any purpose. Animals … 5. Animal rights activists have a specific end goal in mind. Animal Rights Welfare.ppt. Advocates of animal welfare believe that non-human animals … Animal welfare is the stand that animals should be treated humanely and without cruelty. Animal welfare and animal rights are often confused. Animal welfare By Dr. Rabie Hassan Fayed Prof. of Animal Management & Behaviour 2. introduction Science, Ethics and Law Welfare science considers effects of humans on the animal from the animal’s point of view Welfare ethics considers human actions towards animals Welfare legislation considers how humans must treat animals Animal rights activists contend that one cannot ignore the rights of animals while advocating the rights of humans, because humans are animals. Guiding principles for animal welfare . Animal Rights and Animal Welfare Animal Welfare The Broad Spectrum of Animal Protection Animals are not Most people aren’t sure if there is a difference between the two or if they are the same thing. Thus, while cruelty to animals is a vice, not a virtue (and therefor unethical), the question of “rights” is off the table. Animal rights are distinguishable from animal welfare. This includes proper housing, management, nutrition , … Use of animals in agriculture, education and research, and for companionship, recreation and entertainment, makes a major contribution to the wellbeing of people . They believe that humans do not have the right to use animals for food, entertainment, testing, or anything in between. Animal Welfare Animal Rights Who’s Right? Version 1 Show Document Hide Document. Animal rights and animal welfare are two … Animal welfare 1. Based on Kernohan, A. Advocates of animal rights believe that animals have legal rights and are members of the moral community. 6. Like • Show 0 Likes 0; Comment • 0; View in full screen mode. ... PowerPoint Presentation … (2012).

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